Executive Coaching


Our Coaches are Certified ICF Coaches

Sometimes Executive Coaching as a notion is used interchangeably with training; however, although coaching is a form of training, it is quite different from traditional training. Whereas training is provided to a larger audience of professionals through lecturing, coaching is a one-o-one interaction between an executive and a coach whereby the training is provided in a personalized and individually tailored manner.

Coaching facilitates executive’s aim to reach specific goals as an individual, by way of personal interface between an executive and a coach, through dialog and pragmatic learning, which methods are anticipated to advance executive’s organizational and personal performance. Therefore, an executive coach is rather a personal trainer who endeavours to mitigate weaknesses of the executive, not by providing the answers in resolving a situation or an issue; thus, rather to build a capacity within the executive to resolve similar challenges in the future.

We have all seen or interacted in our work environment with different personalities. Some had pleasant characters; some had difficult characters, while some had traits at the border of personality disorder. For illustration purposes below are few hyperbolized character traits that we face in our work environment, which can be mitigated through coaching.

Narcissist - “I am the best of the best I am beautiful/handsome and smart. Actually these people that I work with, are no match for me and that’s why I should lead. It’s not my fault that I am genetically superior”.  

Inferior - “I hope they will not ask me to speak, since I don’t know what to say!!! Most likely I will embarrass myself if they ask me something. They know so many things. I’d better not have eye contact, so they will not notice I am here”. 

Indifferent - “I can’t wait this meeting to end. They are discussing issues that I simply do not care!!! How many days till my next pay check?! I will just smile and nod along ……can’t wait this day to end”. 

Workaholic - “Why are we having this meeting? I have so many things to do! Now everybody would like to say something to sound smart while practically they don’t do a thing. I will have to do everything by myself since I cannot rely on anyone. The input I received today – I will need to redo it all over. I will need to stay late today as well…” 

There is a considerable academic support on Coaching and more specifically Executive Coaching as a method of enhancing underdeveloped emotional intelligence, empathy and soft skills of executives. There is sufficient evidence that through coaching these skills can be enhanced in overall areas, or can be targeted at a specific skill which can be increased through targeted coaching. Although these soft skills are hard to measure with precision, there are Emotional Intelligence tests, which can be used prior commencing coaching and after coaching is concluded, in order to measure improvements. As well, soft skills can be perceived on daily basis in coached executives and managers, which are imbedded in their acumen of overall skills and cognitive abilities.

Dealing with our colleagues, employees and superiors we develop a friendly relation, which clouds our judgment if an unbiased decision is required to be made. Sometimes even if we see and face challenging character traits, we are numb and cannot act upon, just because of these relations. The executive coach is precisely the unbiased third party who in a professional way will work with the employee that needs coaching. For cases of personality disorders, a coach with psychological background is required.

In Advoco Solutions we have coaches with psychological and MBA background up to certified coaches by International Coach Federation who can successfully coach your employees.


Individual Coaching

In individual coaching we use a variety of techniques and cognitive measures conducted by our psychologists, in order to understand each person/client. It is important here to be noted that our company does not deal with clinical psychological cases, but rather we use psychological measures to determine the type of a character we are dealing with, in order to tailor coaching methods. In this manner, our transformative plan can be customized, in order to unleash the full potential of the client.

Targeted Coaching

Targeted coaching is focused, practical, skill-based approach to coaching, offered to individuals on one-to-one basis interaction, custom designed in order to meet individual’s needs through personalized instruction, practice and feedback.

Targeted coaching can be combined with intensive coaching, which is a comprehensive approach for professionals who face major work challenges and are in need to make substantial changes on their complex personal and organizational skills.


Leadership training programs

In the midst of our everyday work, political arena or even children’s playground, an observer can always identify the natural group leader. Ancient philosophers, but as well scholars in the last century, have tried to decipher whether leaders are born with the genetic aptitude to lead, or they were “made” as leaders later in life. Some people have more power than others; thus, an endless march of great names from Plato, Aristotle, Machiavelli, to Hobbes, Pareto and Weber, all have attributed a great deal of attention to power and other elements in the equation of power. It is proven by endless researches on this topic that leadership is enhanced and complemented with training, therefore Advoco Solutions provides following leadership training:

  •  Leadership Training – Using power to your advantage;
  •  Leadership Training – Subtle leading;
  •  Leadership Training – Choosing leadership style;
  •  Leadership Training – Empowering vs. micromanaging;
  •  Leadership Training – Leader or Manager.


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