Letter from the CEO

Advoco Solutions is a resourceful consultancy company specialized in providing services in three main areas: Legal Work, Executive Coaching and Business Transformation.

Our company provides you with the best expertise available in the market, thus we have an extensive list of local and international consultants who can contribute to your company with their academic and practical knowledge in each area of expertise.

Advoco Solutions is a Kosovo based company who facilitates Kosovar local businesses, in becoming the best in local market; strive and penetrate in international market; and equally help international companies to find their local partners, adhere to local procedures and promote their products in Kosovo. Whether youhave managers who need coaching in upgrading their managerial skills, or you intend to transform your business, or further you need legal expertise related to your ongoing or new negotiations, contracts and other legal expertise, kindly contact us and we will provide you with concrete proposals.
We strongly believe in our vision and mission while we are driven by our motto “Strive that the best of you surfaces – do not settle for mediocre”, since if we all give our best, the success is inevitable, thus we become the link in the chain of a socially responsible society.

Arjeta Spahiu
Advoco Solutions



Arjeta is a Lawyer, graduated from University of Pristina and holds a Master’s Diploma in Business Administration from University of Sheffield. She has an extensive Legal professional career since 1999 with International Organizations and European Union CFSP Missions in Kosovo and Macedonia. Hear realm of expertise is in Commercial Law dealing with negotiations, draft of intricate commercial and procurement contracts, risk management and legal drafting. Further, she has experience in providing training to professionals and effectively relating with an audience.

Due to her interest in behavioral sciences as a part of negotiation techniques, which she effectively utilized while working for International Organizations, she conducted an MBA Dissertation research with topic: Executive Coaching as a method of enhancing the Emotional Intelligence in Kosovo Private Sector Executives. Thus, she had insights from academic and practical standpoint in further expending negotiating and persuasive techniques used during negotiations.

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