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Teuta Haxhimusa

Teuta Haxhimusa

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Teuta is a Human Resources Expert specialized in Strategic Human Resource Management with an academic degree from the University of Sheffield and 14 years of working experience with international and local institutions of Kosovo, out of which nearly 10 years are specifically related to the HR experience in various roles but including both – adviser and practitioner. She has practically designed and implemented modern HRM systems for the Kosovo Privatization Agency and EU Pillar IV of UNMIK. Also, in other managerial positions such us USAID BEEP and Oxfam GB in Kosovo she had the HR function included in the scope of the managerial responsibilities.

Her practical HR experience includes most aspects of HRM and HRD including establishment of HR practices; HR policy drafting; annual staff planning; payroll updates; recruitment & selection cycle (advertising, short-listing, testing, interviewing, contract negotiating, induction) management; staff performance evaluation; staff objectives setting, advice to line- managers and staff how to substantially conduct these processes; training and development (conducting training needs assessment, gap skill analyses), organizing trainings based on needs assessments, staff professional development plans; staff relations, conflict resolutions, conducting workshops, focus groups, mentoring, couching etc. Teuta’s theoretical HR knowledge includes understanding of Strategic HR paradigms (SHRM) as means of aligning people strategy with institutional overall strategy to bring synergies and performance improvement in organizations.

In May 2013 has conducted the University of Sheffield MBA thesis research with the topic: Strategic HR Management – an Imperative for Performance Improvement in Kosovo Public Sector. Her research has targeted the HR offices of public institutions, both at central and local level. Teuta’s current engagement with UNDP as technical expert to support the Department for the Management of the Public Administration Reform, MPA has given the chance to see closely the implementation barriers of the PAR Action Plan.

She is offering her expertise to the Department in drafting analytic and progress reports, coordinating donors, conducting gap skills analysis, facilitating group discussions of different topics aiming staff capacity building and knowledge transfer, apart from daily couching and mentoring etc. Moreover, she is currently advising the Ministry of Public Administration on the Civil Service reform from the HRM / HRD perspective.

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